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Many working parents in the South Africa are desperate to find good quality childcare at an affordable price. Yet these services can be like gold dust, particularly for primary school-aged children. Sherpa Kids South Africa – an international company that runs before and after school clubs, holiday activities and homework clubs in schools and other community facilities – is helping to solve this problem by expanding its services across the SA.

Sherpa Kids provide stimulating and structured aftercare and before school care programmes with internationally benchmarked/accredited themes and activities. These programmes are offered at over 125 primary schools in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Sherpa Kids is now at St Katharine’s and has been operational since February 2015.

The aim of the Sherpa Care Aftercare Centre is to provide structured care for your child during the afternoon. They ensure that the following is provided:

  • Your daughters will receive quality time for homework supervision, with excellent child to staff ratio of 1: 15
  • Assistance will be given with study requirements
  • Weekly fun, themed activities and recreation periods
  • Daily registers are kept
  • Children have fun and are cared for responsibly
  • Younger children who need a rest period have that benefit
  • Children will receive a fruit snack served during a meal break

Please prepare an extra sandwich for your daughter/s should this be required.

The current cohort of children at the Sherpa Kids Aftercare Centre – are all very happy to be there.  We aim to provide them with the best care and a structured programme, which can only be achieved through group play and activity.

The Sherpa Kids Aftercare Centre operates from 12h30 – 18h00 – Monday to Friday.

 From 1 January 2017 – the following rates will apply for all permanent enrolments:

 Monthly Cost:            R880-00 (payable in advance)

Casual Daily Rate:    R100-00 per day

For more information:

Email: or call Suraiya on 084 614 1701. You can also visit the Sherpa Kids website at: