Physical Education forms part of our school timetable and the girls look forward to spending time outside the classroom each day, on the tennis and netball courts, hockey field, or in the swimming pool.  The school offers a balance between enjoyment and endeavour.  The girls are expected to involve themselves in meaningful skills practice in addition to experiencing the pleasure of participation.

We ensure that the girls are given a chance to participate in team activities. Team selection at St Katharine’s is about choosing talented players, but it is also about giving all the girls the opportunity to be part of a team and to play for their school.

The extra-mural activities at St Katharine’s offer the girls four codes from which to choose – tennis and swimming in the summer; and netball and hockey in the winter season. Cross-Country is offered as an optional extra in July. The girls must be selective so as not to overload their afternoons. If a girl has the privilege of being selected for a school team, this will obviously take precedence over other activities.

“Move-It, Moving Matters” was introduced in 2014.  It is a programme designed to instil a lifelong love for, and of, movement, to catch up and advance essential neuromotor and physical skills and, in this way, provide a sound base for sport and most other physical activities. It affords the girls the opportunity for social interaction, leadership development and collaboration/team work.  The initial phase in Grade 4 focuses on balance, locomotion and manipulation, which are the fundamental movement skills required for the vast majority of movement experiences and sport-specific skills development. Each girl has her own equipment and, at the end of each year, the equipment is donated to a partner school which follows the same programme.

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